M.Video-Eldorado appoints management for OneRetail brand umbrella

06.07.2021 16:26

M.Video-Eldorado Group (MOEX: MVID), Russia’s largest consumer electronics retailer, announces new appointments to its OneRetail unit, which takes over the management of the M.Video and Eldorado brands. The team, headed by Managing Director Dagmara Ivanova, has been mostly hired from among the existing employees.

OneRetail brings together a number of key areas, including sales operations, marketing and digital customer experience, customer service and digital retail experience, retail sales development and corporate sales development, and product management, with the heads of these functions reporting directly to Dagmara Ivanova. The combined OneRetail structure will enable M.Video-Eldorado to improve the speed and quality of managerial decision-making, focus brand efforts on strategic objectives, as well as accelerate digital transformation and implementation of OneRetail technologies at both M.Video and Eldorado. That said, the Company plans to continue positioning each brand individually.

Vladislav Sviridenko, former Head of Marketing at M.Video, will become Head of Marketing and Digital Customer Experience at M.Video-Eldorado. In his new role, he will be responsible for the positioning of the M.Video and Eldorado brands, their communication strategy and CVP portfolio management, customer acquisition and retention seeking to maximise the number of OneRetail customers, while also developing the product approach, ensuring digital growth, and coordinating the promotion, media and performance marketing of each brand.

The Marketing Department will combine several realms, including operational marketing (Andrey Gustaitis), e-commerce (Oleg Rogozhin), CRM (Mikhail Dadov), and customer product development (Andrey Pchelintsev). The positions of heads of Marketing Communications and Digital and Customer Analytics are yet to be filled.

Stanislav Gorshenin, Head of Customer Service and Digital Retail Experience, will continue improving customer service support at all stages, developing in-store and home services, coordinating ESG retail programmes, as well as supporting the store’s new role (express delivery, digital contact, etc.), refining the mobile platform for sellers and fostering new channels of hybrid retail interaction with customers through the use of OneRetail and mobile platform principles. Mr Gorshenin has over 10 years of experience in customer service and support first at M.Video and later at M.Video-Eldorado Group.

The position of Head of Sales Operations has been taken by Alexander Andreev, formerHead of Southern Division at M.Video. Mr Andreev joined M.Video in 1999 and has worked his way up in retail from a salesman to Head of Sales at M.Video-Eldorado. He will be responsible for managing sales in a systemic way with a focus on customer-salesperson interaction, building OneRetail-oriented sales standards, implementing changes across all POS formats, including their further digitalisation, as well as developing seamless hybrid customer journeys and scaling up new store and retail formats.

Ilya Mazurenko, Head of Retail Sales Development, will work with the Head of Sales Operations to define a retail sales development strategy. He will also focus on creating common retail business processes and retail space and merchandising standards, identifying retail growth opportunities, developing data-driven solutions and automating retail processes. Previously, Mr Mazurenko was in charge of sales support and development at M.Video-Eldorado.

Vladimir Samokhvalov will be responsible for corporate sales development. His priorities will include defining a B2B development strategy, improving corporate sales efficiency, creating easy-to-use products to streamline purchases for corporate customers and developing an enterprise-level loyalty programme and transparent and robust business processes. Mr Samokhvalov has broad experience in building sales and procurement frameworks and developing commercial functions at such companies as TECHNONICOL, Petrovich, and Etalon Group (LenSpetsSMU). In 2015, he received an Executive MBA degree from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. For the past four years, he has been in charge of corporate sales at Leroy Merlin.

As the two product teams integrate under the umbrella of OneRetail, Vitaly Safonov has been reassigned from his duties as Head of Information Systems Development at M.Video to the role of Chief Technology Officerfor Retail Products at this newly created unit. He will focus on creating an appropriate IT landscape to implement OneRetail for both M.Video and Eldorado, facilitating cooperation between the cross-functional product teams and providing the necessary capacities.

Anna Zotova has been appointed HR Chief Operating Officer. Previously, she held the same office working for the Eldorado brand. In her new capacity, she will be responsible for fostering a culture of change to make staff more adaptive, implementing and maintaining a product approach, sourcing and recruiting retail experts, as well as training and talent management for OneRetail managers and line employees  One of her priorities will be to create a motivating platform and develop and implement measures to improve performance and make better progress towards the Company's goals related to the OneRetail strategy and the Group’s other projects.

Dagmara Ivanova, Managing Director for OneRetail, M.Video-Eldorado:

“We have ambitious goals to continue the scale-up of OneRetail with a focus on mobile technology and to transform the business into a tech leader. This should strengthen our market position and improve the unique customer experience with everyone’s needs taken into account. I would like to welcome the new team, which has more in common than just being part of OneRetail. These people share the same values, have trust in each other and are flexible and ready to embrace new ideas and set new industry standards. Working together, we will be able to achieve our strategic goals and enhance the competitive advantages of the two leading retail brands.”

M.Video-Eldorado Group already has an integrated back office, including such functions as finance, logistics, procurement and commerce, legal and HR, allowing it to improve performance, unlock the expected synergies and boost revenue in short time while controlling its costs and maintaining EBITDA.