Compliance and Internal Policies

As Russia’s largest retailer of household appliances and consumer electronics and a public company, M.Video-Eldorado Group is focused on long-term development. We have always sought to foster best practices in the consumer electronics market and we continue to develop and look for new growth opportunities in this rapidly changing world. By building on the principles of transparency and mutually profitable partnership our business has won the confidence of millions of customers, which is greatly appreciated by all our employees. We are positive that trust, respect and mutual support are vital for our common progress.

M.Video-Eldorado is committed to open and fair business practices, following the policy of zero tolerance towards any forms of discrimination, corruption, limitation of competition, illegal trafficking, fraud, or any other unlawful behaviour on the part of any of its employees irrespective of the position they may hold. We expect every business partner to demonstrate the same degree of compliance and ethical conduct. We aim to build a customer-centred, transparent and competitive business environment where every market player can achieve its goals by following the applicable rules.

Guided by international best practices, the Group’s shareholders and management attach great importance to the prevention of any breach of laws and maintenance of high ethical standards. We conduct comprehensive due diligence of all our counterparties, train each employee, and identify and assess any potential risks.

The Company has the Code of Business Ethics and Recommended Behaviour as well as ethical business conduct polices that are binding upon all our employees and partners. 

Openness to discussion and transparency of all processes is crucial to our corporate culture and risk management system. M.Video-Eldorado operates a Fairness Hotline for an employee or business partner to be able to report any breach of the Code of Business Ethics or applicable laws by the Group’s staff. We promptly review all such information and give our feedback, and guarantee strict confidentiality and compliance with the personal data protection requirements.

M.Video-Eldorado will continue to improve its risk management system and do its best to assure our customers, employees and business partners that all of the Company’s processes are lawful, ethical and fair.