OJSC “Company “M.video” announces the decisions taken by the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of Shareholders.

30.11.2010 14:30

OJSC “Company “M.video” (RTS, MICEX: MVID) announces the decisions taken today by the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of Shareholders.

The EGM voted for the election of the Board of Directors as follows:

1.    Peter Gy?rffy, independent director
2.    Pavel Breev, General Director of OJSC “Company “M.video”
3.    David Hamid, independent director
4.    Stuart Leighton, independent director
5.    Christopher Parks, CFO of M.video Group
6.    Alexander Tynkovan, President of OJSC “Company “M.video”
7.    Utho Creusen, independent director
8.    Mikhail Kuchment, non-executive director, vice-president of Kika Russia.
9.    Walter Koch, independent director

Ilpo Helander, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Member of the Audit Committee resigned from the Board and Walter Koch was elected as the new member to the Board as an independent director.

Walter Koch was born in 1962. He graduated from University for the Applied Sciences (Aalen, Germany) in 1988. For almost two decades he obtained senior positions with the largest European home appliances manufacturers such as AEG and Electrolux, being in charge of the logistics and Supply Chain management. In 2007-2010 Mr. Koch served as Executive Vice-President and COO of Sanitec Corporation (Helsinki, Finland). Presently Mr. Koch owns and operates independent consulting firm.